When you run a startup, it’s important to manage your scarce resources effectively, whether that’s your sales and engineering teams, funding or runway. For all, it’s down to prioritising what matters the most; for the sales team the most critical resource is time! Assuming you have product-market fit, focusing on prospects with problems to which you actually have the solution is vital to your company’s success.

That’s why, as a founder/CEO, one of the most crucial challenges for the company is to identify the right companies to target and sell to. …

source: https://hubstaff.com/

As a VC, I have the opportunity to speak with and invest in exceptional entrepreneurs. They’re often uncommonly passionate about their ideas, with versatile skillsets and valuable insights or background that allow them to challenge the prevailing way of doing things. Some are already successful salesmen, product managers or CTOs, but though they do hold domain-based accomplishments, they’ve rarely had the chance to build a company before. Granted, some have been entrepreneurs in the past (i.e. …

When assessing investment opportunities, one of the most frequent questions I ask entrepreneurs is about market analysis. Although it is a crucial element of the conversation we have, I have a feeling its relevance is often neglected (to be honest, I’m not sure what the reasons are, but that is another topic of discussion). Given the high risk associated with running a company without a proper understanding of the market, I would like to highlight the importance of market analysis from a VC’s perspective. …

Karolina Kukielka

VC investor at InReach Ventures, formerly an entrepreneur. Investing in early stage tech companies in Europe; SaaS, marketplaces & consumer internet products.

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