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Karolina Kukielka
3 min readDec 4, 2022


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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Zero Waste Club, an exciting new brand redefining our daily routine more sustainably.

When we first spoke with Zero Waste Club’s co-founders, Rishi and Pawan, we realised at once how extraordinary they are as individuals and entrepreneurs. Although they’re both very young, they have already demonstrated remarkable business acumen, with a deep and distinctive understanding of materials, and an unwavering passion for creating a zero-waste world. This has culminated in the establishment of their latest venture, Zero Waste Club, truly stands for sustainable products.

From our very first conversation, we talked about the numerous challenges around sustainable living and purpose-led companies, which have become more relevant to consumers than ever before. While Covid-19 has concentrated our minds and efforts on the global pandemic and health crises, it has also brought our attention to the fragility of the world we all share - in particular other big global challenges, such as climate change.

Climate change is undoubtedly one of the most pressing current issues. Making a meaningful difference to the planet and reducing environmental impact have recently emerged as very relevant consumer trends, which we strongly believe are here to stay. Brands becoming more favoured are those that are able not only to connect with people’s concerns but also to provide so-called responsible products. In fact, over half of all consumers already buy or want to buy sustainably: 33% are already buying products with sustainability in mind, and an additional 21% would like to if they were given a better choice. It’s apparent that sustainability isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’ for businesses. Due to a strong customer push, it’s actually becoming imperative!

As a purpose-led brand, Zero Waste Club has embedded sustainability as its core value in everything it does, from designing the product to the final delivery to customers. Using their unique material expertise and supply chain knowledge, Rishi and Pawan have developed affordable, beautifully designed everyday products out of natural materials and plastic waste. These products fall into two categories: Home and Health & Beauty. Though today most of these products are produced from biodegradable or recyclable materials (bamboo, coconut husk, aluminium and stainless steel), the team will soon introduce an exciting range of reusable products made of ocean plastic waste. It will allow its customers to substantially reduce their environmental footprint and will move the company closer towards its vision: to create a fully circular economy.

Though Zero Waste Club is a very young company established by first-time founders, the team has managed to develop impressive operational discipline, a great command of the business, and to create and deliver products their customers absolutely love!

At InReach Ventures, we’re very excited about the opportunities ahead and absolutely love the team’s vision to create a brand helping people to redefine their daily routines with environmentally-friendly everyday essentials. By leading their seed round, we’re thrilled to accelerate Zero Waste Club’s journey to make it a household name for zero-waste products and support the team in connecting with consumers who care about environmental challenges and wish to live sustainably.

If you’re interested in trying their cool products, please take a look at their website. And if you’re interested in joining the Zero Waste Club team, they’re currently hiring across Engineering, Product and Marketing!



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